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Rangkuk Alu Dance

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Rangkuk Alu Dance
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Rangkuk Alu Dance


What is Rangkuk Alu Dance?

The History of Rangkuk Alu Dance.

The dance was originally a traditional game, which they call rangkuk alu game. In the games the bamboo was arranged and the player swung the bamboo like a pincer. One or two players skipping avoid pinching from bamboo.

When skipping avoid pinching, players seemed to perform dance movements. From there the initial formation of the basic dance movements of Rangkuk Alu. The dancers movement and bamboo are then combined with the rhythm of music and songs to produce unique art – we call it the Rangkuk Alu Dance. Formerly, this dance is often performed when after harvest, during the full moon. That's when young people gather and enliven the event.

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